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Sally Chance

This [Baby] Life, by Sally Chance Dance, explores the moment-by-moment fascination of being a baby. Developed through extensive research into ways in which babies and their adults tune into one another, this gentle piece is presented by two dancers and a musician and is especially for babies aged 4 – 18 months. The performance is 35 minutes in duration and takes the form of short sections of set performative material interspersed with interactive sections the cast refers to as 'matching.'

Sally Heinrich

Sally Heinrich is a writer, illustrator and artist, who has published and exhibited widely in Australia and Asia. Her commissioned artwork ranges in scale from wine labels to a mural for the Singapore Zoo. Her work draws on her experiences travelling and living in Asia and reflects her deep interest in Asian culture, art, religion, and folklore and traditions from both East and West. The search for connections and relationships between peoples, cultures and the environment, and for a sense of place and of belonging, are recurring themes in her writing, artwork and her life in general.


My art is a mixture of my ancestral land of Africa and my new home Australia. It is a conceptual art that involves cultural topics and rituals using geometrical shapes inspired by the African masks and cubism.

Sarah D

Granted the VocalizeU Art Intensive scholarship of 2012 and California’s 2013 Hard Rock Battle Of the Bands finalist, Sarah D is here to share and spread her girl power, infectious melody-driven pop music. With a sound combination of Kelly Clarkson, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Jessie J and Natasha Bedingfield, the 24- year-old, Adelaide singer is creating her mark in the local music community.

Sarah McDonald

One wall, Four Seasons by Sarah McDonald. Sarah McDonald's work celebrates the often-unnoticed beauty in materiality and decay, in this case the old weathered wall in her back garden. One Wall, Four Seasons is a collection of richly layered oil paintings inspired by a large sandstone wall that boarders Sarah’s property, with a vine that grows across this wall. Each year, Sarah has observed the stunning changes of the vines throughout the seasons, with the colour and light playing a very big role in her work.

Sarah Philip

Sarah is a local South Australian artist living on the south coast of Adelaide where she currently enjoys being a mother and paints part-time from her home studio. Sarah’s work is bold, bright, energetic and full of life. She uses a fluid, free flowing style combining different textures, layers and mediums often using text and also incorporating drawing and sometimes printmaking techniques in her paintings.

Sarah-Jane Cook

My practice is informed by sociological and political study but manifests as visual. Sometimes photography and documentation is the best way to go about this, at other times I utilise various mediums such as drawing and installation. Drawing on personal experiences as an individual of mixed origins, I am constantly drawn to investigating the and day to day activities, beliefs and rituals of others around me, predominantly addressing universal notions of ethnicity and its impact on ones own sense of origin. How time and place can influence the life of an individual is integral to this.

Sarina Diakos

Sarina Diakos is a contemporary abstract painter from Adelaide, South Australia. Her work explores the emotions and desires that lie hidden from the conscious mind and operate within a framework of visual ambiguity. Her process involves the application of multiple layers of paint to the canvas where the visible surface functions as a skin that forms a boundary obscuring the workings within. Further scraping and scratching of the surface ruptures the division between the inner and the outer layers, allowing a glimpse into the silent, hidden layers of the inner world beneath.