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I have been writing and performing music for over 20 years. I’ve released many ‘sound art/ambient/experimental’ CD releases since early 2000 and many ‘band’ CD releases since the 90s. I’m a mainstay in the live experimental and improvised music scene on guitar/bass/electronics performing with many respected artists. For the last two years, I’ve primarily focused on modular synthesis including a monthly online release for a year. I have also released a prolific amount of work over the years including an EP for the Shamefile Music label and hundreds of online tracks.

Ralph A. Ledergerber

Ralph A. Ledergerber was born in Switzerland in 1961 and migrated to Adelaide, Australia in 1991 where he now lives and works. His work received numerous international awards and also featured in books and magazines. He has exhibited in Madrid, Chicago and at the annual South Australian Living Artists Festival.

Ray Harris

Ray Harris is not a middle-aged man as her name might suggest. Her work explores psychological struggles and complexities of self-concept, focussing on everyday self-delusions, deceptions and fantasies we create to cope with the complexities of repressed desires, feelings, anxieties and psychological pain, accompanied by the facilitation of unawareness. Fascinated by mental spaces, she explores these issues through (often) autobiographical interpretations of universal conditions in the dual creation of sculptural spaces and perfomative video embodying inner and outer expressions.

Rebecca Hastings

In 2011 Rebecca graduated from the Adelaide Central School of Art with a Bachelor of Visual Art with Honours. During this year, she was the student representative on the ACSA Academic Board, and she has recently commenced a teaching position with Flinders University, SA.

Regine Schwarzer

Visual uniqueness gives value to the common materials often overlooked or disregarded and it is this which has long fascinated me. The minerals on which I base the design and construction of my work are sourced from the Australian outback and from collectors exhibitions. The raw materials are a rich inspiration. Evolving from my absorption with visual uniqueness began an investigation of the crystalline formations of the minerals. Experimenting in metal representing the geometry of the structures I thereby make visible its fractal qualities.

Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers is best known for vibrant, contemporary paintings of the Australian landscape. His work is distinctive, with elements of abstraction. The primary concern is not photographic representation but a connection to place, translating rock, sky, earth and vegetation into evocative shapes and colour. Richard travels extensively, his work embodies a love for the history, people and rugged beauty of ‘the wide brown land.’ Featured in Artists Palette and International Artist magazines and he is also a regular contributor to the Australian Artist magazine.

Rob Sanders

My journey to Steampunk was a natural progression from collecting and restoring all types of mechanical antiques, vintage machinery and old things in general. An early interest in any type of mechanical object saw me working on steam engines, historic aircrafts and old cars. For a while I collected and restored antique sewing machines but a growing awareness of the Steampunk genre led me to build my first piece, being a Steampunk flame thrower. From this point on I was hooked and a range of tables, lamps and other items quickly followed.

Robby Towill

There are significant moments in everyone's life where people search for happiness.  Sometimes achieving happiness is closer at hand than we realise,  and for me, my happiness is achieved through my art and observing  nature and the environment.