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Hanah Williams

Hanah is an Adelaide based artist, printmaking lecturer and graduate of Adelaide College of the Arts and UniSA. Her practice focuses on creating unique state prints, installations and collections. She is interested in the characteristics of etching, variation, imperfection, repetition and the use of non-print media such as domestic objects. Hanah's work delves into the realms of dreams, the human condition, life, death & rebirth, domesticity and the human connection to the natural world.

Hayley Kroschel

Specialising in acrylic paints on canvas, with finger painting as preferred method, Life Art paintings are inspired by spirituality and are designed to bring an atmosphere of life and positivity. Artwork features bold colours and experimental blending, layering and collage. ​The vision of Life Art is to use art and creativity to connect, encourage and inspire. The aim is for this to occur through community hubs, events, and in art as a form of therapy or workshops.

Heather Waters

The Lost Souls is a short film which will be shown at the Mercury Cinema in January 2013 before being released on DVD. It's the story of Sarah, a 16-year-old who is pregnant and unwed at a time when this is  frowned upon. Closed adoption seems the only answer, and Sarah is forced into a system of barbaric and inhumane treatment, only to receive a formal apology near the end of her life.

Hidden Intent

HIDDEN INTENT's sound is a throwback to the old school days of thrash metal ie: early Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Coroner, Annihilator, Artillery, Sepultura and so on. This year the band is jetsetting off for its THRASHING THROUGH AUSTRALIA TOUR 2014 for seven shows, releasing a follow up release to the debut album and supporting TOXIC HOLOCAUST & SKELETONWITCH (USA) @ Fowlers Live April 19.