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Dan Withey

Dan Withey has one of those relentlessly amiable personalities that never fails to get past your defences. Inevitably you’re going to like the guy so there’s really no point in putting it off. Perhaps you’re in a really bad mood? Let’s say you’re a balloon of vitriol waiting to burst. Dan notices this, puts you at ease with some self deprecating humour and pretty soon you’ve forgotten what your problem was and you’re feeling good again. It works every time, just like his art.

Daniel Guest

Daniel is a South Australian based designer maker. In 2011 Daniel completed a Diploma of Arts-Fine Furniture at the Australian School of Fine Wood in Dwellingup, WA. He then completed JamFactory's Associate Training program in Furniture Design in 2013. In his work Daniel aims to blend form with function and traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Daniel Jaber

Daniel Jaber is a South Australian choreographer and performer. His choreography has been described by critics as “challenging”, “provocative” and “gripping”. He fuses classical techniques with design aesthetics, innovative collaboration and philosophy to create unique, experiential experiences for his audiences.

Datsun Tran

Datsun Tran is primarily a painter and has exhibited all over Australia as well as internationally. Animals and landscapes pop up as icons and symbols in the narrative of his work which includes themes about evolution, apocalypse and hope.

Dave Laslett

Originally from a graphic design background Dave is never one to discount an idea or say never. He has constantly striven to, as all creatives do, push the boundaries of tradition through the experimentation of trial and error. Harnessing the sub conscious to release thoughts and desires built up through a series of life events, the work of Dave Laslett often delves into the slightly macabre whilst exemplifying that ultimately there is light out there to be found.

David Forsyth

Asha,,,,,  bathing near the waters is also a water feature, and pregnant relaxing in her environment, designed and made by me from old salvaged fencing wires, door screen and  broken glass. My work is collected by an artist and art collector, as well as the public. I love the aspect of recycling and simplicity - I don't use electricity to make my pieces, just the earth.

David Follett

Currently working on ‘Uncle Silas: Earth’ (the sequel to my first graphic novel ‘Uncle Silas: Genetis’), an all ages action packed Sci-Fi adventure story set in the Naracoorte Caves, South Australia. The Uncle Silas series explores the current scientific and environmental concerns of genetic manipulation, interconnectivity both in nanotechnology and between humanity and nature, as well as touching on recent innovations in biotechnology.

David Paul Jobling

David Paul Jobling is a writer and visual artist. His most recent work, an interactive art exhibition "The Fit In Room" uses screen printed business shirts to explore aspects of identity. His plays have appeared at Sydney Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre and La Mama Theatre (Adelaide). He is a graduate of NIDA and AC Arts.