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We are a group of young people both men and women with the intentions of presenting our ART to the entire world and inspiring fellow youths to make it through ARTS

Barbary O'Brien

Barbary O’Brien is an Artist, Cartoonist and Environmentalist living, surfing, and working at Middleton, on the South Coast of South Australia. She calls herself a visual communicator and has facilitated community cultural development projects in a diversity of contexts, such as schools, youth health centres, prisons, government departments, arts festivals, Indigenous communities, in urban, rural & remote places, for more than 30 years. Her work has always had a strong educational and social development sub text, and in the last decade or two has focused strongly on the environment.

Belinda Sims

I'm a jewellery designer who is self taught. I specialise in unique everyday wearable mixed metal creations. My jewellery is a combination of traditional and contemporary designs with a Bohemian flare.I love making jewellery from mixed metals it adds dimension, richness of colour, contrast and visual appeal. I work with precious and non precious metals. from my home based studio in Adelaide's mid north. My inspiration is drawn from textures, sounds, forms, colours and botanicals in nature, mechanical movement also plays a part in my designs.

Ben Chandler

Ben Chandler is a writer and academic with a keen interest in world mythologies and the ways they are incorporated into contemporary fantasy. He has written academic work on vampires, werewolves, gargoyles, dragons, demons, heroes, monster-hunters, and their appearance in contemporary novels, films, video games, graphic novels, cartoons, anime, and manga. He has also published two fantasy novels, Quillblade and Beast Child - the first two books in the YA fantasy series The Voyages of the Flying Dragon.

Bente Andermahr

My focus as a photographic artist is architecture and cities, with all its beauty and imperfections. I am hugely influenced by the work of painter Jeffrey Smart, my Danish heritage, and all things Japanese (inherent beauty in imperfection, impermanence, simplicity, the raw, true nature of materials). I am passionate about sharing the different viewpoint I have of the familiar urban environments that people often just walk through, without noticing the views, sights and perspectives around them, that are truly interesting, evocative and infinitely beautiful.

Big Sexy

With an extensive background in Hip Hop and R&B over the past 11 years, Big Sexy has developed his own musical expression. Projection of his deep and elevated vocal ability is solid, and blended with his outstanding rap vocal presence; Big Sexy is set to be an unforgettable, compelling and relevant artist in the music community worldwide.

Bridget Fahey

I’m an illustrator, musician and writer. During my involvement in the arts industry, I have been creating and playing live music for 13 years, as well as producing, promoting and creating theatre, comedy, mixed media art and installations, prose and articles.

Brigid Noone

Vulnerability and generosity guide my practice, along with a strong influence of attempting to make sense of my internal and external world. This includes subjects of vulnerability, awkwardness, generosity, love and home. Painting is a story that moves, the lines, the colour, the sound of sighs made in all the let go of the making in the archiving of self, painting and love, they love each other’