Sally Chance Dance

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Touch and Go - a dance theatre work for children aged 2 years
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Nursery - a dance theatre work for babies aged 4-18 months

Flower 꽃 - a new work for babies aged 4-18 months, currently in development in collaboration with artists from Theatre Masil, Seoul

Jason Cross
Producer, Insite Arts

Sally works at the interface between community cultural development and art form development in dance with an emphasis on the cultural lives of babies and very young children.

Having trained in the late 80s as a community dance practitioner at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, London, Sally worked for UK dance company, Ludus. She travelled with the company to South Australia as guest artist of Come Out ’89. Many years later, she became the Artistic Director of Come Out, now called DreamBIG Children's Festival, curating the 2003, 2005 and 2007 events.

She was the founding Artistic Director of Restless Dance Theatre. At Restless she led a process of validating the cultural lives of a specific social group, whose attitude to their art had an impact over time on the very fabric of Australian dance. Sally’s early years projects are similarly motivated, pointing to a theme in her work, which is about collaborating with specific populations to discover new performance forms.

Sally is interested in creating dialogues with children during the devising of new works but also as part of the performance work itself. Very early years practice creates an ideal context in which to explore the relationship for children between viewing and participating in an aesthetic and theatrical world.