Capital City Committee Adelaide

The Capital City Committee is a partnership of the South Australian Government and the Adelaide City Council at the highest political level. It exists to promote the strategic development of Adelaide as the capital of South Australia and one of the world’s great small cities. Established through an Act of Parliament in 1998 the Committee is recognition of the special role played by the City of Adelaide (the local government area of City of Adelaide, taking in the Adelaide Central Business District and North Adelaide) in South Australia’s social, commercial, cultural and civic life. As a partnership, the Committee understands the benefits of collaboration. Committee work and outcomes are achieved through strategic collaboration, across the three levels of government, business, industry, academia, community, the social development and cultural enterprise sectors. Since its establishment in 1998, the Committee has variously championed, seeded and managed important and often leading-edge, city-building research, engagement activities, investment initiatives and projects. We maintain networks across sectors and disciplines and are always interested in making new connections, identifying partnering opportunities and working with others to achieve real outcomes for Adelaide city.