Adelaide Art Orchestra Inc

The Adelaide Art Orchestra Inc. was founded by Artistic Director Timothy Sexton and concertmaster Carolyn Lam in late 2001 and its members are drawn from the ranks of the state's top professional freelance musicians. The Adelaide Art Orchestra is a major player in Adelaide's dynamic music scene, having established a reputation for vibrant and energetic performance of contemporary classical and popular repertoire. The Adelaide Art Orchestra (abbreviated AdAO) is noted for its flexibility, and can vary in size from a chamber ensemble with as few as six players up to a full symphony orchestra, depending on the nature of the performance.  The AdAO is regularly featured at the Adelaide Festival Centre and in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival as well as performing in its own right at other major venues in South Australia and in conjunction with the State Opera of SA.  In addition, the AdAO is regularly hired for private, public and government functions where it has gained an enviable reputation for the quality of its performances.