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Sons & Mothers
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Night Terrors aka Godzilla Vs. No Strings - an exploration of fears, diversity and acceptance where physical theatre, comedy, fantasies and nightmares are all blended together.

I Forgot to Remember to Forget - a brand-new work looking at the challenges of living with memory loss. The piece comes out of a collaboration with four performers who share their sometimes-traumatic experiences of acquiring a disability through illness, injury or birth. Their resilience and humour resonate as they explore moments in which they reinvent themselves. 

Alirio Zavarce
Artistic Director

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Sons & Mothers
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No Strings Attached (NSA) has a stellar record of achievement in collaborating with and developing artists who live with disability, and in presenting exciting, provocative & heart-warming theatre. We create theatre for and by people living with disability. Our purpose is to develop participants' skills in theatre performance & production, and to create work which gives voice to those artists' stories and lived experience.

Our long-time collaborator and Artistic Director, Alirio Zavarce, is a multi-award winning director, actor and theatre maker, working locally, nationally and in Canada & the US. NSA has a passion to extend our performers according to their unique aspirations, and to take our successful disability-led, collaborative approach to making world-class theatre and present it on the world stage.

Taking our highly acclaimed work to a national and international audience is part of our current organisational strategy, for: developing our artists; providing new employment pathways; creating brand new, world-class theatre pieces; working collaboratively with people who live with disability; facilitating opportunities for them to bring their own voices to the stage; inviting artists around our region and around the world into a collaborative conversation that creates great theatre. In doing all of this, we affirm that great theatre, performed by highly skilled actors, rises above and challenges any perceived barriers and restrictions that living with disability may hold in the minds of those who witness these actors in full flight.