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A Delicate Situation

What Lies Within - a close-knit congregation are tested when their leader receives a revelation from a higher being that a member of the group lacks commitment. Together with his partner he must flush out the accused and purify them through the mortification of the flesh to cleanse the group – with devastating results. 

What Lies Within takes as its launch point qualities of power, leadership and exploitation within cult-like mentality and grooming. It is a daring and dark tale that addresses a timeless set of questions about human nature, ideology and our desperate need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Complex in its structure and its seriousness, this work is more concerned with moving beneath what seems obvious and entertaining. Humour and overt theatricality display the unique behaviours’ of an associated group, before moving towards gradually exposing the brutal underpinnings at the centre of what appears to be 'normal' psychological group dynamics and behaviours. It is a cathartic and aggressive work, honing in on acute and sinister character roles, complex choreography and compelling sound design. With a dark and macabre environment, rife with imagery bordering on something akin to religious iconography, this work will evoke a different and viscerally discomfiting kinaesthesia. 'What Lies Within' will be a powerful study of demagoguery, ethical distortions and victimisation.

Choreographer: Lina Limosani
Dramaturg: Andrew Brackman
Sound Designer: Sascha Budimsky
Production Manager: TBC
Performers: Kialea Nadine Williams, Tara Jade Samaya, Brianna Kell, Carl Tolentino, Lewis Rankin, Tobiah Booth Remmers

Lina Limosani
L i m o s a n i p r o j e k t s
Choreographer / Director

Lee-Anne Donnolley
Far and Away Productions

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Led by performing artist Lina Limosani, limosaniprojekts is a project-based contemporary dance company devoted to the development of unique performance concepts, international collaborations and the appreciation and understanding of dance and the performing arts.

By creating and building a pre-eminent reputation for dance that is exciting, thought-provoking and accessible, limosaniprojekts aims to continue to build relationships with existing and potential audiences and act as an advocate for the field of dance. With strong beliefs in the collaborative process, all dancers contribute to the creation of movement that is energetic, theatrical and technical demanding, contributing to performance work of the highest calibre.

Lina Limosani has been creating work since 2002.