Recording: Contemporary Music

Recording supports projects for the production of a quality master audio and/or video recording of original South Australian music.

The recording needs to demonstrate exceptional potential and be particularly timely for the artist's career development.

You can apply for up to $10,000 towards costs associated with the project. Funding requests cannot exceed 50% of the total project budget.

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Elizabeth Reid - Project Officer, Contemporary Music
(08) 7320 3307



South Australian based musicians and music industry representatives that are creating and working with original, South Australian music of all genres are eligible to apply.

Please check the commencement date for the round to which you are submitting an application. Projects that start during or after the month following the commencement date are eligible for funding.

Please read the criteria specified in Essential reading before applying.

For applications to record music, you must be able to submit in demo form, at least 80% of the material that you intend to record.

For applications to record a music video, you must submit a copy of the music for which the video is for.

Applications will be assessed by the Contemporary Music peer assessment panel according to the following criteria:

  • Artistic quality and merit
  • Good planning and effective use of resources with realistic outcomes
  • Demonstrated outcomes that will develop the professional career of the artist/s involved
  • The contribution that the 'project' makes to a progressive music sector in South Australia
  • Opportunities for audience development.

While you may request funding for up to $10,000 in this category, you are encouraged to discuss your budget with the relevant Arts South Australia project officer, and look at past grant recipients as a guide.

Eligible expenses include studio hire, producer and engineer fees, mixing, mastering, design work and printing, session musicians, initial replication up to 1000 units and remixing projects.

Before submitting an application, be sure to read the following information:

Support Material

Ensure that you submit one signed original hard copy of your complete application, including all support material and one digital version on either a cd or usb, again, including digital copies of all relevant support material, including:

  • Web links to at least 80% of the material to be recorded, in demo form
  • Letters of support from industry professionals
  • Web links to relevant online press kit information.

Application Checklist

  • I have discussed my application with an Arts South Australia program officer
  • I have supplied one signed original hard copy and one digital copy of the entire application and supporting documents
  • Where appropriate, I have supplied current letters of support from the relevant Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artists or organisations endorsing the cultural merits of the project
  • I have retained a copy of this application for my records.

Contact Information:

Primary Contact:
Elizabeth Reid
Project Officer, Contemporary Music
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