Organisations Funding: Contemporary Music

Contemporary music (Organisations) Funding supports programs and activities that provide accessible development pathways for South Australian professional artists and industry representatives, who may also access opportunities through Arts South Australia programs and initiatives for professional practicing artists.

Arts South Australia is interested in supporting organisations that actively contribute to the development of a sustainable South Australian music sector.

The intent of Organisations Funding is to support programs and activities that when considered all together, create a pathway for professional musicians and industry entrepreneurs from point of entry for early career support, through to ongoing career development.

Applications that demonstrate collaborative partnerships to strengthen resources and broaden accessibility will be highly regarded.

Amounts available: Discuss with Arts South Australia.

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Becc Bates - Manager, Contemporary Music
(08) 7320 3306

All organisations applying to this program should either be currently funded through this program, or be recognised by Arts South Australia as having a track record of successful projects and business operations.

All applicants must be legally constituted (e.g. as an incorporated association, a company or a statutory body).

You must contact Becc Bates, Manager, Contemporary Music, Arts South Australia on (08) 87320 3306 or at prior to preparing an application, to verify eligibility.

What may be funded?

Assistance may be provided for, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Core costs of the organisation, including salaries and on-costs, administration (including rent, insurance, telephone and power), marketing and promotion and the provision of member services
  • Program activity expenses, eg. development and presentation, publications, payment of artists' fees, freight and travel costs.

Funding is available for programs and activities that commence on or after 1 January, 2019.

What will not be funded?

  • Applications that do not involve South Australian professional artists in either process or outcome
  • Competitions, prizes, awards or fundraising activities
  • Accredited training/course delivery.

Please read the criteria specified in Essential reading before applying.

Applications will be assessed on the organisation’s demonstrated ability to deliver all of the following outcomes:

  • Develop and support the skills development of South Australian professional artists and industry representatives
  • Build audiences and markets for South Australian Contemporary music, in local, national and/or international arenas
  • Increase opportunities for South Australians to engage with Contemporary music through creative participation and/or through attendance
  • Demonstrate cultural leadership in the South Australian music sector
  • Involve the broader South Australian Contemporary music sector in the planning, development and delivery of programs and activities
  • Develop ways of working in partnership with the broader Contemporary music sector locally, nationally and/or internationally
  • Demonstrate the capacity for strong operational and financial management, effective planning, evaluation and use of resources.

Funding is available for programs and activities that commence on or after 1 January, 2019.

Organisations applying for funding must respond to all questions on the relevant application form and demonstrate your ability to meet the funding criteria.


Applications are due by 5pm on Friday 3 August, 2018.
Funding for successful applicants will commence from 1 January, 2019.

Application Process

Your application should include a completed Annual or Multi-year application form together with responses to all key application questions and information.

Do not submit any originals of support material – copies only. Ensure that all support material is labelled clearly.

Arts South Australia will provide you with the required templates, following verification of your eligibility. Please contact Becc Bates, Manager, Contemporary Music on 7320 3306 or at to discuss.

Applicants must have satisfactorily acquitted all previous Arts South Australia grants and have no outstanding acquittals and/or evaluation reports.

It is important to note that late applications are not accepted and applications must be submitted by the dates specified.

Assessment Process

Arts South Australia will convene an assessment panel consisting of currently appointed members and co-opted industry leaders, to participate in the assessment of applications for Organisational funding.

The Organisations assessment panel will assess all applications according to the extent to which the application addresses the criteria and application requirements.

Applicants will be assessed on the basis of their written application and a round-table discussion between members of the organisation and the panel.

The panel may also take into account any of the following:

  • Attendance at, and appraisals of, events and/or activities by organisations
  • Invited, external peer reviews
  • Industry reviews, videos and recordings, referee reports and other support material
  • Previous Arts South Australia grant acquittal and evaluation reports
  • Broader Government policies, directions and priorities
  • Meeting the funding criteria and performing well over past funding periods will not necessarily entitle an applicant to funding beyond the current period. Ultimately the success of the application will rest on its merits against the criteria in competition with all other applicants.

A summary of the panel's recommendations will be provided to applicants. Feedback on successful and unsuccessful applications will also be available.

Performance-based funding agreements

All funded organisations will be required to enter into a performance-based funding agreement with Arts South Australia for the period of funding.


Organisations will be expected to provide an artistic and financial acquittal upon completion of the funding period.

Arts South Australia contact

Becc Bates, Manager, Contemporary Music on telephone (08) 7320 3306 or at

Contact Information:

Primary Contact:
Becc Bates
Manager, Contemporary Music
Email Address:
(08) 7320 3306