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The Aspirations of Daise Morrow
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1-5 May 2018 – Canberra Theatre Centre

9-12 May 2018 – Merrigong Theatre Company

Memorial by Alice Oswald

Lee-Anne Donnolley
Consulting Producer c/- Far and Away Productions
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Brink creates brilliant theatrical experiences in collaboration with great artists to enliven diverse audiences. Brink’s projects begin from any number of starting points and take on any shape to find the best way for a story to come to life.

Brink is acclaimed for making original works in collaboration with great artists. In recent years Brink has been sourcing extraordinary texts – poetry, short stories, epic poems – and repurposing them to create original theatre. Brink’s works are enhanced by deep community engagement and extensive creative collaboration and have been presented by most major Australian theatre companies.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Brink's work reflects contemporary society in all its diversity, unveiling the magic and the truth inside our stories through moments of surprise, delight and revelation.

In 2016 Brink presented The Aspirations of Daise Morrow showcasing Brink’s innovative ability to turn conventional theatre into a space where the audience and acting space are shared. Daise Morrow received rave reviews for its adaptation of Patrick White’s short story, staging and acting craft. The Aspirations Of Daise Morrow is now part of the Canberra Theatre Centre Collected Works 2018 and the Merrigong Theatre Company Season 2018.

In 2017, Brink celebrated 21 years of creating exceptional theatre and 2018 sees Brink’s biggest undertaking yet – Memorial by Alice Oswald – a Brink/Barbican co-production that will be presented at three major Australian festivals and the Barbican Centre. Memorial, directed by Chris Drummond stars one of the leading actresses of her generation, Helen Morse.