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Ella Sandow

Ella Sandow is a 23-year-old visual artist who has majored in painting at the Adelaide College of the Arts. Her work is contempory and focuses on nature. She paints in bold, bright and dark colours that contrast each other. Her work is almost a mix of traditional subjects and themes - made more modern. Ella resides in Adelaide and does commission artwork, along with murals.

Emma Knights

Emma Knights Productions is a music-based event company run by local musician Emma Knights. All events feature local South Australian musicians as well as collaborating with other local businesses. All events aim to give audiences a new an unique experience and to showcase the talents we have here.

Emma Maguire

Emma Maguire is a writer, researcher, and curious mind. She is a PhD Candidate in English Literature at Flinders University. Her non-fiction explores gender, digital media, and life narrative. Emma is also currently writing a literary murder mystery set in the Adelaide Hills.

Emma Northey

I am interested in themes relating to spirituality, sex and death - I like to use distortion and repetition as means to investigate the ideas of 'the self ' in relation to assimilation and disintegration within contemporary society. My recent White Portrait series has been stimulated by reading journals on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)- contacting the dead through television - an offshoot of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Past works have explored subliminal messaging, hypnosis, reality TV and religious broadcasting.


Formed in 2005, their debut mini album, ‘Fool’s Errand’ released early 2008, quickly sold out in the US. Their follow up releases, ‘Evaporating’ & ‘Sleepwalker’ garnered exceptional critical acclaim and have managed to further the profile of the project. Currently in the process of releasing their fourth album, ‘We ache for the Moon’ an artful effort that took a year to write & record in collaboration with the award winning jazz vocalist ‘Katie Underwood’ EVOLETAH is currently enjoying its reaction from fans & the press.


Greg Peterkin AKA: eyespine, based in Adelaide has produced original work across a wide range of media and art forms over the last 25 years,including Electronic music, digital multimedia , sculpture, hybrid arts, installation art, painting & drawing, interactive arts, performance art, new media & conceptual art, furniture design and literature.

Fin Rice

My name is fin Rice. I have been creating images firstly as a freelance Photographer In the snow fields to the fashion and concept development for print.. My catalogue of artwork is extensive . Now days I organise photoshoots with a feel I am after. I tweak the images in adobe then print usually on canvas. from there I will paint over the image using a huge assortment of mediums I have tested over time. This causes colours to change and other stencils I have used to become visible. An artwork that evolves just buy what light and angle it is viewed at .

Frank Yamma

Frank Yamma is a traditional Pitjantjatjara man from Australia's central desert, currently residing in Brompton, South Australia. Yamma began performing on stage with his widely renowned musician father, the late Isaac Yamma at the age of nine.

Gabrielle Griffin

Gabrielle discovered puppetry for adults in 2003 and hasn't looked back. She has toured nationally and internationally, worked with acclaimed and award-winning South Australian designers, directors, and musicians, and is currently creating a new solo work called 'Puzzle'. She can hear her puppets banging on the cupboards at home, wanting to be let out.