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Claire Foord

Australian emerging artist Claire Foord celebrates in her work occurrences of transformation in a style which is unpredictable, liberated and exposed. Awards and grants have enabled Claire to exhibit her artwork abroad. For the past 12 months, while based in Montreal, her work was selected for international exhibitions including galleries in California and Montreal, with invitations to exhibit in Germany and New York on the horizon. Her career has seen her as curator, exhibitor and instigator from group and solo shows to live art murals and community art involvement.

Coby Edgar

Emerging curator currently working as a gallery attendant at Adelaide Festival Centre, Marshall Arts and undertaking freelance curatorial work, arts reviewing and installation. Completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts Specialisation at UniSA with a major in painting (2011), tutored in Indigenous Art, Culture and Design (2012-2013) , graduate of the Wesfarmers Arts Indigenous Leadership Program (2013). Particular interest in conceptual urban Indigenous art, founding member of onesixteenth Adelaide based Indigenous arts collective. Larakian/ English/ Filipino heritage.

Colin Moore

After working as a free lance artist for the film, television, theatre and museums for 15 + years, I have returned to the process of making art. The new work picks up not too far from where it was left of 15 years earlier. This time with a more comprehensive understanding of tools, materials and process. And a more refined method of application. This body of work, in style, borrows from the relief sculptures of the classical art of Greece & Rome, the neo classical, socialist art and the iconography of industrial idealism.

Colleen Bohonis

Texas-born Colleen Bohonis acquired her BFA from the University of Houston. She has exhibited in various group exhibitions at the Blaffer Gallery and Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in America. She is currently working in a collective studio in Norwood.

Cristina M. Metelli

Born in Milano, Italy, but having chosen Australia as my home, I appreciate traditional as well as less-conventional forms of art. I am passionate about art and exploring different techniques and art mediums. My best-known line of work is sculpture in metal wire, but I also use many different mediums to sculpt and paint. I choose from many different techniques, what I consider the best vehicle to represent and express my artistic vision. Inspired by nature, my goal is to celebrate the beauty and variety of living things, that are often taken for granted.

Cynthia Larenas

Cynthia Larenas is an Adelaide digital artist combining bold, colourful graphics with nostalgic-inspired animations. Having moved to Australia at a young age from her native Ecuador, Cynthia developed an early fascination with cultural entities, particularly with the way people experience their world and form their own realities. Cynthia’s practice is influenced by neon lights, sci-fi computer graphics and aesthetics reminiscent of 1980’s film and print media.

Dan Withey

Dan Withey has one of those relentlessly amiable personalities that never fails to get past your defences. Inevitably you’re going to like the guy so there’s really no point in putting it off. Perhaps you’re in a really bad mood? Let’s say you’re a balloon of vitriol waiting to burst. Dan notices this, puts you at ease with some self deprecating humour and pretty soon you’ve forgotten what your problem was and you’re feeling good again. It works every time, just like his art.

Daniel Guest

Daniel is a South Australian based designer maker. In 2011 Daniel completed a Diploma of Arts-Fine Furniture at the Australian School of Fine Wood in Dwellingup, WA. He then completed JamFactory's Associate Training program in Furniture Design in 2013. In his work Daniel aims to blend form with function and traditional techniques with contemporary design.

Daniel Jaber

Daniel Jaber is a South Australian choreographer and performer. His choreography has been described by critics as “challenging”, “provocative” and “gripping”. He fuses classical techniques with design aesthetics, innovative collaboration and philosophy to create unique, experiential experiences for his audiences.