Artist Directory

Andre Lawrence

I am an emerging sculptor and installation artist currently exploring demolition and erasure of personal space in my practice. I enjoy making things, and have a wide array of interests, from figurative sculpture, to material abstractions, using a myriad of collected and salvaged materials. My practice extends from objects and sculptural assemblage to photography, drawing and video work.

Andrew Craig

Writing and visual imagery, do they produce another language when they are used in relation to each other? Through constant research and production of new works, I am attempting to find out.

Annabelle Collett

Annabelle Collett has worked full time for over 30 years as a professional artist/designer/craftsperson. The main concepts that inform her art are contained within the historic/symbolic significance of motif, the social/political meaning of pattern on textiles and the abstract overlaying relationships between fashion, visual art and design.

Annalise Rees

Annalise Rees is an Adelaide based artist working across the disciplines of drawing, sculpture and installation. Rees’ work is varied, ranging from intimate gallery sized works, to permanent and ephemeral large scale sculptures and public art exploring ideas about place and identity. Drawing in both two and three dimensions, using a variety of media and materials Rees has exhibited widely including Japan, India and Canada.

Anthea Fogarty

An emerging artist, I am currently studying Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) where my major is sculpture. I work with a range of mediums in a range of different art forms. Some of these art forms include sculpture, music, painting, mosaics and ceramic work. I particularly enjoy using recycled materials and carving wood.

Anthony Adams

Anthony Adams is a collage artist based in Adelaide. Anthony uses collage, acrylics, ink and other mediums to create his eye catching creations all with a deeper ‘hidden’ message within the piece.

Anya Anastasia


Anya Anastasia is an accomplished songstress who crafts performances with theatricality, flair, musicality, comedy, and above all- originality. She is an Australian Adelaide-based writer, but as a performer she travels across the globe. In 2012 with support from ARTS SA, she toured with her solo cabaret show, “The Upside Down Girl” to the Prague Fringe Festival, and performed in Berlin, London, Melbourne and at the Adelaide Fringe. This year in March, she ran an arts and cabaret festival in the hills, called The Hills Secret Garden.


Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, AUDIUM, brings a heavy rock/metal groove, powerfully gritty, melodic vocals and elements of industrial/electro together to create a sound bigger than the sum of its parts.

The band was formed in early 2013 with founding members Daniel Giaccio (guitars) and Ashton Rudd (bass/vocals). Once Adam Lunnay (drums) was added, the strength of the music was undeniable. Chris Gard (vocals) joined soon after and the band was complete.

Aurelia Carbone

My practice investigates the ways in which the proliferation of digitally manipulated imagery has changed the way people respond to photographs - particularly those that do not correspond with visual experience. Whereas once a photograph was synonymous with “truth,” in the 21st century an image is assumed to be digitally manipulated where there is any element that seems to be magical or unexpected.