• 'In Lieu' David and Heart: photo by Mawarini
    'In Lieu' David and Heart: photo by Mawarini
Choreographer/ performer Ade Suharto and composer/ performer David formed Suharto/Kotlowy in 2010.  Their first work, In Lieu, was commissioned by the Adelaide Festival Centre’s OzAsia Festival 2011.  Within the work, Ade explores classical Javanese dance as a metaphor for her ever-evolving relationship to her Indonesian heritage as an Australian-born artist. For her performance in In Lieu, Ade was noted as ‘Dancer to Watch’ by the Dance Australia 2011 Critics’ Survey. David’s musical compositions are infused with techniques derived from minimalism, a musical style whose founders were themselves influenced by the sounds of gamelan music. His work also shows his appreciation of the Zen-influenced Japanese aesthetic. In 2012, Ade is travelling to Europe and Indonesia to extend her choreographic practice. With support from Arts SA, Ade is undertaking an artist-to-artist exchange with Paris-based artists, choreographer Kadek Julia Moure and composer Christophe Moure, two performers and creators from the gamelan ensemble based at Cité de la Musique.  Ade will then undertake an Asialink Performing Arts Residency with Mugi Dance in Solo, Central Java for three months. During her residency, Ade will continue to revision traditional artforms for a new work. Ade’s residency in Solo marks a return to where she first studied classical Javanese dance more than a decade ago.