Kathie Renner

  • Kathie
A gifted vocalist, Kathie possesses an expressive, pure sound, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. Her music has an eclectic sound that crosses all musical boundaries with a focus on honest musicianship. Kathie's first award was won at age 18, when she performed her own songs with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. She has been commissioned to write and record songs for others and was a finalist in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards. She has performed her original music in her own show at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and has toured her songs across Europe and UK. “It's all about the songs,” says Kathie. “I'm interested in all kinds of music, and as a composer I like to explore all the options; much like a painter has a palette of colours to choose from and a range of medium to paint with. The subject matter determines the style I write in. This is why, in my music, you will hear plaintive folk songs, sophisticated jazz tunes, pop songs and latin-flavoured sounds."