South Australia sets sights on big-budget films

In what will be the largest ever boost to the SA film industry, the State Government is introducing a new un-capped rebate which will strengthen the State’s ability to attract large budget productions.

The new ‘Post Production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV)’ rebates will ensure that SA is globally competitive in attracting blockbuster films that use Visual Effects (VFX), such as Thor: RagnarokX-Men: Dark Phoenix and Tomb Raider.

They will also support the State’s ability to secure content production for on-demand services such as Netflix.

The rebates will be available from 1 January replace the previous scheme which was a grant limited to $150,000 per film.

"This is the most substantial investment ever directly injected into South Australia’s film industry, and will make us incredibly competitive in attracting big-budget activity to the State," said Minister for the Arts and Premier Jay Weatherill.

The film industry is set to become one of the State’s fastest growing sectors, with several hundred new jobs expected to be created and an economic benefit of around $200 million.

Implementation of the expanded scheme will help existing South Australian companies, such as VFX firm Rising Sun Pictures, whose work has received Academy Awards® nominations, and has featured in numerous big budget films (Gravity, the Harry Potter and X-Men franchises, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King), along with major facilities house Kojo (Wolf Creek TV, The Babadook) and emerging television CGI firm Resin (Philip K Dick’s: Electric Dreams).

It will also encourage new entrants into the South Australian VFX ecosystem.

"Film is a fast growing industry, and this investment will create hundreds of jobs in postproduction, digital and visual effects – pathways that an increasing number of South Australians are specialising in," said Premier Weatherill. "This investment tells the world that we are serious about film, with a local industry that is growing at a rapid rate and producing world-class content."

South Australia’s education providers are working closely with the local industry to develop the skills required to meet the future employment needs of the fast growing sector.

"Our expanded PDV grant scheme will be another attraction to doing business in VFX industry in the State in addition to our talent pool, lifestyle and competitive business conditions," said Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith.

"Visual Effects is an increasingly important skill set for multiple industries outside the film and television sectors including in defence, education, medical and manufacturing. So investing in the film industry where talent with VFX capabilities is fostered will make SA more competitive across multiple industry sectors."