Consultants appointed to create Arts Plan for South Australia

Tony Grybowski, the former Chief Executive of the Australia Council for the Arts, has been engaged by the State Government to lead the development of a new Arts Plan for South Australia.

He will work in partnership with strategic consultant Graeme Gherashe and a team of experts to undertake a comprehensive review of the state’s arts, cultural and creative sector and its funding structures.

Tony and Graeme will be joined by award-winning author Dr Claire Scobie, arts policy specialist 
Kathryn Deyell and creative director and cultural geographer Dr Sarah Barns to engage with stakeholders.

Consultations will take the form of digital surveys, focus groups, interviews and ‘town-hall’ meetings that will be held across the state. An Advisory Group comprising South Australian and national arts and industry leaders will be established early in the process.

The resulting plan will introduce a fresh narrative about arts and culture throughout South Australia and propose a compelling story of what the state’s arts, cultural and creative sector aspires to become. It will be developed over the next six months and delivered by mid-year.

For information on how to get involved in the consultation phase, email