Artist Directory

Vanessa R Williams

With a minimalist aesthetic, my work is inspired by line, form, colour, repetition and geometry. I work primarily with titanium and because of the innate nature and characteristics of the material this also strongly influences the outcome of my designs.

My aim is to make wearable sculpture, three-dimensional pieces that stand out from the body. The limitations and unique properties of the titanium create a challenging working environment. I use its strength and springy nature to create tension and the anodised coloured surface to create points of interest and contrast.

Various People Inc

Various People Inc is a cutting edge arts organisation recognized for the excellence of its artistic work and for addressing social issues through innovative artistic projects and initiatives.

Our first production under the Various People Inc banner, Vesalius: a Requiem, was listed in the Top 10 Shows for 2010 by The Advertiser. We then produced Stari Most in Her Majesty’s Theatre as the closing concert of Come Out 2011.

Violet Cooper

I have started small but am dreaming big.
I want to do for Adelaide what Gaudi did for Barcelona........what the big lobster has done for Kingston........or the Big Scotsman has done for Scotty's Motel.
I mostly work in mosaic, though that's a bit of a dirty word. I do it my way. Think of it, perhaps, as the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.